We are a bunch of corporate lawyers, educated both in England and Bangladesh, with deep-seated entrepreneurial passion. It goes without saying that in the last few years,  a whole new wave of entrepreneurship and startups is sweeping  Bangladesh. But as practising lawyers as well as aspiring entrepreneurs we have often experienced that the startup community is dangerously underserved in the corporate and regulatory information area. Resultantly, many startups face numerous hurdles with the regulatory sides of running a business. While in the beginning of the business, the paperwork or regulatory issues may seem trivial, over the course of practice we noted that regulatory non-compliance may become a major setback in any fund-raising endeavour.

Hence, this blog is our attempt to fuel the entrepreneurial passions with information. We know, each of the aspiring entrepreneurs has a long and treacherous path to tread on in setting up a successful startup in Bangladesh; we just want to smoothen the journey as much as we can and put the global information available from Google in Bangladesh context.