incorporation-of-company-aoa-moa-formats-new-comapnies-act-2013Forming a company may sound daunting, but did you know, you can form a company in Bangladesh essentially online on the website of Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) at ? The certified Memorandum of Association as well as Articles of Association plus the Certificate of Incorporation will be delivered straight to your email. So there is no reason to feel taken aback by the “vast amount work” involved in the formation. Below are the procedures that may enable you to DIY the whole process (assuming you already have an Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association prepared):

  1. Obtain a Name Clearance Certificate for Company


Required Documents
No document is required
Process Steps
Step 1 Applicant fills – in the online application
Step 2 Opening an E-account on Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms  website
Step 3 Preliminary name search on RJSC website
Step 4 Make a payment of fees to BRAC Bank
Step 5 Submit the money receipt
Step 6 Obtains the Name Clearance Certificate
Official time limit Approximate processing time for issuing the Certificate
4 hours 1 working days
Fee Schedule
BDT 600.00

Upon obtaining Name Clearance Certificate, proceed to register the company.

2. Registration of (Private and Public) Company

Required Documents Remarks
1. Name Clearance Certificate Issued by RJSC
2. Filled-in-Form-I: Declaration on registration of company Required for public/ private company
3. Filled-in-form –VI: Notice of situation of registered office Required for public/ private company
4. Filled-in-form-IX: Consent of Directors to act Required for public/ private company
5. Filled-in-form-X: List of persons consenting to be directors Required for public/ private company
6. Filled-in-form-XI: Agreement to take qualification shares in proposed company Required only for Public limited company
7. Filled-in-form-XII: particulars of the Directors, Managers and Managing Agents and of any therein Required for public/ private company
8. Article of Association & Memorandum of Association A copy of the original for each document
9. TIN Certificates of the proposed Directors A copy of the original
10. Treasury Challan Original

All the forms listed above are available in blank on the RJSC website .

Process Steps
Step 1 Applicant prepares Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Associations (AOA) as appropriate to the entity type
Step 2 Applicant visits “” in order to apply for company registration
Step 3 Applicant selects entity type in the website Form
Step 4 Applicant feels – in the name clearance submission number and letter number
Step 5 Applicant feels – in (as well as, scans and uploads) the prescribed forms (e.g., Form# I, VI, IX, X, XI, XII, XVI)
Step 6 Applicant attaches the MOA and AOA
Step 7 Applicant submits the registration application through completing the web Forms
Step 8 Applicant receives the payment/ deposit slips for payment of the registration fee from designated bank once application is submitted
Step 9 Applicant makes photocopies of the payment/deposit slips as well as prints out copies of all applications filled-in documents uploaded online, and submits them at the dealing officer’s counter at RJSC office
Step 10 Applicant gets a receipt of the certificate of incorporation from the dealing officer after the Deputy Registrar have checked and signed the application.
Official time limit Approximate processing time for the registration
1 Working Day 3 working days